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Welcome to my Big Brother group. I am a complete super fan and will keep this group updated with news, commentary and videos from the live feeds all season long. Join me!
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Somebodys Watching Me - Beatfreakz

Adam Busted.

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Oct 20, 2009 at 11:29PM

How sad...

BOSTON — The ninth-season winner of the reality TV show "Big Brother" told a federal agent that he used his $500,000 prize to buy thousands of oxycodone pills and resell them, authorities said.

Adam Jasinski, 31, of Delray Beach, Fla., has been charged with attempting to sell 2,000 pills in Massachusetts to a government witness.

Federal prosecutors said Jasinski was arrested Saturday after he flew to Boston and showed the witness a sock containing two plastic bags filled with oxycodone, a powerful painkiller that is a popular street drug because of its euphoric effects.

As agents tried to arrest Jasinski at a strip mall in North Reading, he struggled and threw the sock under a car parked nearby, Todd Prough, a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said in an affidavit filed in court.

Jasinski won $500,000 on "Big Brother 9" in April 2008. The CBS reality show features contestants who live under constant surveillance and vote once a week to evict each other in hopes of becoming the last houseguest standing and winning the grand prize.

Prough said in the affidavit that Jasinski told him that he has been using his winnings to buy thousands of oxycodone pills and has been reselling them along the East Coast for the past several months.

Jasinski's lawyer, Valerie Carter, did not immediately return a call Tuesday.

He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine on a charge of possession of oxycodone pills with intent to distribute.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/20/adam-jasinski-big-brother_n_327...

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 27, 2009 at 7:49PM

Last week on Tuesday, Jordan and Jeff were on the set of the Emmy award winning daytime drama series, The Bold and the Beautiful taping a top secret scene that will air on October 27th.

I was hoping that Jeff would be cast on the soap I watch, The Young and the Restless. I'll have to watch The Bold and the Beautiful on the 27th to see if he has any hope as a soap star.

Would you get a load of Jordan looking like a Dallas Housewife! :rotfl: Love her. :)

We have our winner! See Live Stream of the Wrap part from Evel Dick's website.

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 15, 2009 at 9:22PM

I admit I was worried for just a moment when Kevin and Jordan went through the tie-breaker situation, but she got lucky! :highfive:

I also admit I was a little gloaty when it was revealed that Jessie voted for Jordan to win instead of Natalie. Priceless!

Stick a fork in it, my friends - Season 11 is done. If I find any wrap party media, I'll definitely pass it along.

Update...Found something already. Evel Dick is doing interviews at the wrap party and you can watch it live on his site - http://stickam.com/eveldick

Want to fork Natalie in the bum?

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 14, 2009 at 10:09PM

I don't mean it to sound that dirty...

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Fact or Fiction - Jeff is back in the house.

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 14, 2009 at 3:18PM

From jokers:

The members of the Jury all competed in a game called "note under trash" and the winning jury member is placed back into the house and back in to contention for the final prize! And the winner of the comp was leaked! and JEFF won!

Thats right Jeff is coming back into the house later today to continue his battle for the 500k. He is automatically advanced to round 3 tomorrow against Kevin and Jordan. It appears the Key Jeff won previously played a huge part in the Jury house competition!

If the feeds cut to Fish/Control Room/Trivia today you will know im telling the truth!

This was posted at 11 this morning, before the feeds went to Trivia, fyi.

Would Kevin take Jordon to the Final 2?

Posted By Grantz on Sep 13, 2009 at 5:59PM

Hi. Do you think there is any way Kevin would take Jordan to the Final 2 ?

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You can't spell Natalie without lie.

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 11, 2009 at 7:46PM

Kevin has known from the beginning that the dumb trick is lying about her age. I don't get it. Why does she feel it is so important that they think she's 18? When Julie asked her she responded that it was so the other houseguests would think she was a dumb, naive, gullible girl... errmmm... so stupid! I really can't stand it.

Woot woot!

The end is near.

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 11, 2009 at 3:22PM

I was pretty sure Kevin would win the game, but I did see a glimmer of hope for Jordan last night - she did so well in the competition! And I was SO EXCITED to see Gnat's bitch face when she found out she had lost. Do you think either Kevin or Jordan would actually take Natalie with them to the final two?

While you are thinking about that, check out this video.

Also, I wanted to mention that I thought Jordan's "poses" in teh clothing competition were hilarious. Poor thing, she just couldn't work out that she wasa supposed to strike a pose. :rotfl:

And what kind of a bitch is Natalie to come out with drinks for her and Kevin and nothing for Jordan and Michele? Everytime I see this broad my disain for her increases more and more.

Who is your favorite BB11 houseguest?

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 6, 2009 at 9:40PM

Want to know who won Veto?

Posted By Lorelei LeFae on Sep 5, 2009 at 3:49PM

So that's that.  I do think he'll probably send Michelle home which would be the smartest move for him to make.

I do believe that Kevin will win if he makes it to the final two.

BTW - Did anyone else notice that there were no goodbye messages shown to Jeff?  I hadn't noticed, but the BB conspiracy theorists claim it is because he is coming back in the house.  I fully doubt that, but it's fun to fantasize.


Big Brother made it on The Soup again.